yuko ito

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Yuko Ito is a native of Tokyo, Japan and a singer/songwriter. She has performed on radio and television

and in night clubs in Japan. In 1994 she moved to New York City to focus her talent and has

performed at  night clubs as a solo singer.

On  January 17, 1999 Yuko performed with the John Motley Chorus choir and appeared with Max Roach

at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in celebration of  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.

Also, she performed at the ScottyPlooza Free Jazz  Festival on June 20th with Sabir Mateen

and Daniel Carter. She performed with the Harlem Gospel Choir and appeared at the Blue Note,

and at colleges and churches in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.

Also with the Harlem Gospel Choir, she  performed at the ABC studio of "Good Morning America"

on Times Square and the NHK BS1 studio of  "The New Yorkers."

She graduated from the BFA Jazz Vocal Program at The City College of New York

of The City University of New York, in June 2002.

Now Yuko is focusing on singing jazz and Brazilian music at night clubs in New York  City.